Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Boarding Tomorrow Morning!

Well, my time in the Bahamas is now over. It was a ton of fun. I actually got to spend some time with the family, which is nice. The highlight of the trip was definitely a boat tour we took. First, we went to an island overrun by iguanas. While my mother was fascinated with them, I found them to be truly foul and disgusting and spent my time avoiding looking at their creepy little bodies. Then, we went to a private island where we were able to snorkel and swim with sting rays and sharks. That was pretty sweet.

 creepy igaunas!

Now, I am planning on heading back to my room after an hour of trying (unsuccessfully) to load some pictures on this slow hotel internet. Tomorrow, I have to be on the ship at 945 am and we are supposed to leave the Bahama's Harbor at 5 pm. Our first stop is Dominica!


  1. The first picture is so....contrasting...lol

    And those iguanas ARE fuckin creepy!


  2. Last pic is epic. Looks like a crazy good time!