Saturday, January 8, 2011


So, this is my blog! I know the whole blog thing is pretty lame, try and bear with me. I feel like this is a good way to keep everyone in touch and up to date with what I'm doing. Besides Facebook. So, just to run you through it (grandma) you can see the tabs on the top of this block of text entitled "Map" and "Itinerary". Those give you a map of where I will be and also an itinerary. Also, the link called "Staying in Touch" brings you to a page of time zones and addresses of the ports we will be in on certain dates so you can send mail if need be or call the ship.

I am currently in the Bahamas taking a relaxing vacation before boarding the ship. We embark on Wednesday. Already meeting people from the program, which is nice. Well, I guess I'll post again when more interesting stuff happens. Goodbye FOREVER.

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  1. So I guess forever is only a semester? Lol